Balsa, the Female Bodyguard
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 7, 2007 (original)
August 24, 2008 (North America)
Kanji バルサ女用心棒
Romaji Barusa Onna Yōjinbō
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Balsa, the Female Bodyguard (バルサ女用心棒, Barusa Onna Yōjinbō) is the first episode of Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.


A female spear-wielder from Kanbal, Balsa, has returned to the New Yogo Empire after two years to have her spear repaired. When the second prince of Yogo, Chagum, falls into a river, Balsa saves him and is invited to the palace by the Second Queen to be rewarded.

Balsa soon learns that the Second Queen's true intent is to hire Balsa as Chagum's bodyguard because the Mikado believes that Chagum has been possessed by an evil water spirit and must be killed. Despite the gravity of the request, Balsa reluctantly agrees to protect the boy from Imperial assassins and escapes with him, with the attendants setting fire to Chagum's bedchamber as a distraction.