The Blacksmith
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith
Location New Yogo
Novel n/a
Voice Actors
Japanese Katsunosuke Hori
English Michael Forest

The Blacksmith is a highly skilled smith who forges swords for guards of the imperial court, though he is known to be stubborn and reluctant to take any commission that comes his way. He was the smith who forged Jiguro's spear that Balsa inherited, as well as Balsa's first spear. When her spear is damaged, Balsa returns to New Yogo in order to request that he repair the blade. The Blacksmith appears only in the anime series.

While the Blacksmith is aware that he creates weapons meant for killing, he hopes to be able to forge a weapon that someone will use to save lives instead. Though he had expressed this wish upon meeting Jiguro, they both knew he would not be able to fulfill this task.

A highly perceptive but stubborn man, the Blacksmith immediately realizes that Balsa and Chagum are on the run from imperial assassins as the woman who supposedly kidnapped the Second Prince. However, he is not one to trust the words of another person readily and does not believe Balsa's story until he has heard the story of Mon and Jin, two of the Hunters sent to kill Chagum and Balsa. With the knowledge that Balsa did not kill in cold blood, he forges a new blade for her spear, believing that she will be able to wield his weapon in order to protect others.