• Platypusbutt

    You've finished the anime.  You've discovered the sad truth that there isn't a second season.  Where can you get more Balsa and friends to feed your need for MORE?

    1. Check out the novels. 

    • The first two books have been published in English by Scholastic. 
    • A fan translation of the third book in the series can be found at

    2. Read the manga. 

    • The Guardian of the Spirit manga has been translated by The End scanlation group. 
    • A fan translation of a gaiden manga prequel which tells Jin's backstory can be found at 

    3. Watch the live-action television series.

    • The first two seasons have been fansubbed.  You can watch them at and http://k…
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  • YukaSylvie

    I love Nahoko Uehashi's works. they, especially "The Beast Player" changed my life forever.

    And I have all books of "Moribito" and "The Beast Player" series in Japanese, and "Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit" in English. also, I've watched the anime completely and I've gone to an exhibition about "Moribito" series and its author.

    I love them.

    However, in English-speaking countries, any sequels of "Moribito" are unpublished yet after "Guardian of the Darkness".

    So I create a petition on

    Perhaps the sequels of the series will be published and you will be able to read them if you sign it and buy/(sp)read/share the series.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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