The Blue Hand
Blue hand
The Blue Hand
Gender Male
Occupation Slave trader
Location New Yogo
Novel n/a
Voice Actors
Japanese Taiten Kusunoki
English Tony Oliver

The Blue Hand (青い手, Aoi-Te) is a slave trader acquainted with Balsa. He appears only in the anime series, although the organization that he runs, also called the Blue Hand, appears in the books.

The Blue Hand works out of New Yogo, but he previously encountered Balsa when she was protecting important individuals who had been working to disrupt the Blue Hand's slave trading business.

In order to obtain decoys to divert the imperial guards searching for her and Chagum, Balsa buys his entire stock using the gold given to her by the Second Queen as payment to protect Chagum. While he dislikes how Balsa has disrupted his business in the past, he respects her strength and her way of thinking when he realizes her intent, despite his displeasure that she has bought almost all his slaves.