Hibi Tonan
Master star reader
Master Star Reader
Gender Male
Occupation Master Star Reader
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Takkoh Ishimori
English Steve Kramer

Hibi Tonan is the current Master Star Reader, the chief star reader and one of the highest ranking advisors to the Mikado.


When Second Prince Chagum begins exhibiting signs of being possessed, the Second Queen consults the prince's tutor Shuga and the Yaku magic weaver Torogai regarding what is happening with her son. When Shuga winds up consulting his own mentor, the Master Star Reader, he reluctantly concludes that Chagum is possessed by a water demon causing the drought sign and the prince must be killed in order to eliminate the water demon.

The Master Star Reader is not entirely convinced when Chagum's death is reported, especially when the drought sign fails to disappear. As a result, he entrusts Shuga with the responsibility of organizing and translating of secret tomes of New Yogo's history in the secret archives, and also introduces Shuga to the Mikado's secret hunters. Unlike Shuga, he is dismissive of the knowledge of shamans and looks down at the possible advantage of consulting them for advice. Regardless, he is a shrewd and astute man.

When Shuga's investigations become reveal the truth behind the spirit possessing Chagum, the Master Star Reader realizes how he had put his duties as the Mikado's political advisor ahead of his duties as a star reader. In response, he allows Shuga to continue his research and locate Chagum; in the novels, the Master Star Reader is further distracted from fully supporting Shuga as a result of his desperate attempts to save Prince Sagum, who is dying from an unexpected illness.