The Hunters, with Balsa and Tanda

The Hunters (狩人, Karyūdo) are a secret group of elite warriors who directly serve the Mikado. Their existence is known only by a select few; at the beginning of the series, Shuga is introduced to the Hunters by the Mikado and the Master Star Reader.

The Hunters are highly skilled fighters who descended from the eight warriors who aided the founder of New Yogo in defeating the supposed water demon that now possesses Prince Chagum. Traditionally, the Hunters were the last born sons of their family and trained from childhood by their fathers in secret[1]. In addition to fighting, they are extremely adept at gathering intelligence with great discretion. According to Jin, the ability of the Hunters to gather information without being detected is more critical to the Hunters' mode of operation than combat.

Their role in both the novels and the anime are generally the same, though the anime expands their involvement in saving Chagum during the birth of the water spirit.


The Hunters all use aliases, which are actually numbers in the language of New Yogo. At the beginning of the series, the leader of the Hunters is Mon.

The anime series depict several of the Hunters using specialized weapons: Rai uses a kusarigama, Hyoku has twin short swords, Jin has throwing darts, and Sun is an archer.



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