Yun and hyoku
Yun (left) and Hyoku (right)
Gender Male
Occupation Hunter
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Hyoku (ヒョク) is a Hunter and a descendant of one of the Eight Warriors who aided the hero who founded New Yogo after he defeated a water demon. He is the only Hunter with light hair; his own father, however, has dark hair and an eyepatch. "Hyoku" is an alias meaning "six"; his real name is Suyo Rakusuran[1].

Hyoku is one of two Hunters sent to assassinate shaman Torogai, though his name is not given in the novel. She incapacitates Hyoku and Rai using a poisoned mud doll. While Hyoku is unconscious, Torogai writes a message to the Master Star Reader and to Shuga on the inside of his coat. She also takes his money pouch, citing it as payment for her not killing him.

As a teenager, Hyoku had been brash, violent, and bad-mannered[1]. He was a friend of Jin's younger brother, Toji, and reacted to Toji's death by bullying Jin, mentioning several times that he had wished that Jin had died instead. After witnessing the death of Jin's betrothed, Mayuna, Hyoku helped him kill the men responsible for her death, and the two resolved their differences.

Along with Jin, he is the youngest of the Hunters[2]. During the events of the anime series, Hyoku is approximately 19 to 20 years old and is married with three children, implied to be white-haired triplets[2]. In the anime, Hyoku is the only Hunter who does not carry a traditional Yogo sword. Instead, he has two "Song Swords", matched short swords worn on either hip [3]. He also does not wear sleeves on his uniform. At 154 cm, he is the smallest of the hunters.


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