Jiguro Musa
Gender Male
Occupation Bodyguard, Spearwielder
Location Kanbal, New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (mentioned)
Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness (mentioned)
Voice Actors
Japanese Rintaro Nishi
English Kyle Hebert

Jiguro Musa was Balsa's mentor, caretaker, and foster-father. Like Balsa, he hailed from Kanbal and was a spear-wielder.


Originally the strongest member of the king of Kanbal's Nine Spears, Jiguro had been regarded as a hero in his country and had been the youngest man to ever receive a place amongst the King's Spears. In the royal palace, Balsa's father Karuna had regarded Jiguro as his best friend. When the king's brother Rogsam had coerced Karuna into poisoning the king, Karuna had requested that Jiguro save Balsa from the assassins that Rogsam would send after Balsa. Despite initially refusing, Jiguro gave up everything he had to rescue Balsa and flee from Kanbal. He was regarded as a traitor to his country thereafter. However, many of the people who remember Jiguro still greatly respect his ability and his character, though they would never know the true reason why he was branded a traitor.

After fleeing Kanbal, Jiguro and Balsa arrived in New Yogo, where they met Madame Torogai and Tanda, who was Torogai's apprentice. Jiguro became a bodyguard for hire, accompanied by Balsa, during which Jiguro was forced to fight the other members of the King's Spears, who had been sent to kill Jiguro and Balsa and return to Kanbal with Jiguro's spear. Though they had been his closest friends, Jiguro killed them all; as a result, Balsa felt that she needed to atone for their deaths, because Jiguro would not have needed to kill them if he had not chosen to save her life.

Though Jiguro had only wanted Balsa to live a happy life, he reluctantly began teaching the art of spearwielding when her natural aptitude for martial arts became apparent and how she had learned his technique through observation and mimicking him. His eventual death was relatively mundune, having contracted an illness and dying in New Yogo under the care of his friends. Balsa would take his spear as her own and began her quest to save eight lives for the sake of those taken to save hers.