Kanbal houses

Houses in Kanbal

The kingdom of Kanbal (カンバル王国, Kanbaru Ōkoku) is a rugged mountainous country located north of New Yogo, beyond the Misty Blue Mountains. Balsa and Jiguro were born in Kanbal, before they were forced to flee to New Yogo. The country is currently ruled by King Radalle, the son of Rogsam[1].



The country follows the contours of the Yusa mountain range, known as the "mother range" as it contains an extensively deep labyrinth of caves. Most of the surface layers of the mountain are limestone, while the inner layers are formed with hakuma stone. Within the caves are the considerably rarer luisha stone, which is so valuable that it can fund the entire country's economy for several years.

Kanbal is a mountainous country, with limited arable land due to poor soil and steppes that are used mostly for grazing animals.




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