Second Queen
Second queen
Second Queen
Gender Female
Occupation Second Royal Consort to the Mikado
Location New Yogo Empire
Voice Actors
Japanese Emi Shinohara
English Tara Platt

The Second Queen (二ノ妃, Ni-no-Kisaki) is the mother of Chagum and the second-ranked wife to the Mikado. She is depicted as a kind and compassionate woman who is willing to do anything to protect her son.


Before the events of Moribito, the Second Queen notices how Chagum appears to have been possessed by a spirit. She consults both the Star Reader Shuga and the magic weaver Torogai regarding Chagum's condition, who both conclude that the Second Queen's suspicions are correct. However, Shuga reveals Chagum's condition to the Master Star Reader, who believes that the child has been possessed by a water demon who will cause a great drought. The Mikado reluctantly orders Chagum's assassination to prevent the natural disaster.

After Balsa saves Chagum from drowning in a river, the Second Queen invites Balsa to the palace under the pretense of rewarding her. In truth, she hires Balsa to become Chagum's bodyguard for the rest of his life, a commission that Balsa accepts. The Second Queen remains deeply grateful that Balsa would risk her life to protect Chagum.

Though deeply saddened that she will not be able to see her son again, the Second Queen believes that hiring Balsa is the best decision to save Chagum's life and has faith that Balsa will succeed. With Chagum's supposed death, the Second Queen's status is reduced and she relegated moved away from the primary areas of the palace, which she quietly accepts. At the conclusion of the anime series, she and Chagum are happily reunited after Chagum is returned to the palace as the Mikado's heir and as a hero for his role in the birth of the water spirit.

Her father is a grand admiral in the New Yogo Navy named Tosa Harusuan. Her first name is never given.