Gender Male
Occupation Star Reader, Chagum's tutor
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Hirofumi Nojima
English Steve Staley

Shuga is the youngest Star Reader in history. In the anime, he is also Chagum's tutor. He is a kind and respectful young man with a sense of discretion and determination. Little is known about Shuga's personal history, though he mentions growing up in a small fishing village. Upon his introduction, he is about 20 years old.[1]

When Chagum becomes the vessel for the Water Spirit's egg, the Second Queen approaches both Shuga and the magic weaver Torogai as to cause of his condition. Shuga, unable to determine the cause, consults the Master Star Reader, who believes that Chagum is possessed by a water demon that will cause a great drought. The Mikado reluctantly orders Chagum's assassination. In the first novel, where Shuga is not Chagum's tutor, Shuga's own suspicions regarding what possessed Chagum along with the divinations of the Star Readers lead him to approach the Master Star Reader with the intent of independently researching the water demon's association with the drought sign and Chagum's death in secret. In the anime, Shuga is assigned to do so by the Master Star Reader, and also learns of the existence of the Hunters.


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