The Wanderer
Nagare yuku mono cover
Title The Wanderer
Romaji Title Nagare Yuku Mono
Kanji Title 流れ行く者
Author Nahoko Uehashi
Illustrator Makiko Futaki
Miho Satake
Publication Order
Preceded by
Guardian of Heaven and Earth
Followed by
Those Who Walk the Flame Road
Publisher Kaisei-sha (hardcover)
Shinchosha (paperback)
Publication date

April 2008


ISBN 978-4-03-540360-9

The Wanderer (流れ行く者, Nagare Yuku Mono) is the eighth novel in the Moribito series written by Nahoko Uehashi. In contrast to the previous books in the series, The Wanderer is a collection of short stories set in the Moribito world.

Plot IntroductionEdit

A collection of prequel stories to the series, The Wanderer contains four stories: Uki Momi (浮き籾), Rafura (ラフラ), The Wanderer (流れ行く者, Nagare Yuku Mono), and Kan no Furumai (寒のふるまい).

Tanda, a sensitive eleven-year-old boy, adores Balsa, who is drifting about with her "stepfather", fleeing from a plot against them. They try to find out about a curse in the village and discover the painful secret of a dead wastrel.


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