Gender Female
Occupation Magic Weaver
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Guardian of the Dream
Voice Actors
Japanese Ako Mayama
English Barbara Goodson

Madame Torogai is an old Yaku magic weaver, or shaman, and Tanda's teacher. A master of the old ways, she is in-tune with the spirit world, Nayug. It is this relationship that allowed her to discover the Nyunga Ro Chaga's true identity. She is capable of communicating with denizens of the spirit realm, such as the Water Folk. She is in her 70s at the time of the books.


Madame Torogai is an elderly woman of short stature. In spite of her age and appearance, she is a tough old woman and fully capable of taking care of herself in dangerous situations. She is rather eccentric, usually not caring about what others think of her. She is fond of alcohol and drinks as much of it as she can.

Serious and somewhat impatient, Torogai is a highly astute woman who tends to come across as grumpy and unfriendly. Though her manners are blunt and her tongue is sharp, she cares deeply about her friends, particularly her former apprentice Tanda, and expresses kindness in different ways. Torogai is easily irritated, especially if she is interrupted or if someone isn't being straightforward enough for her liking.

Torogai was originally named "Tomca", and was born in an impoverished all-Yaku village where nearly everyone was related. At age fourteen, she married a man from a village down the river whom she had never met. He was hardworking but unkind, and she was extremely unhappy in her marriage [1]. She had three children, all of whom died. After their deaths, she was distraught and wandered into the mountains, where she fell asleep next to a lake and entered the dream world, where she became the spiritual mother of Yuguno. She was rescued from the dream by a powerful magic weaver named Norugai, who became her teacher. She renounced her given name and became a magic weaver, taking on her current name. "To-ro-gai" is said to roughly mean "dweller of the earth" in the Yaku language. Torugai has never returned to her home village.



  1. Guardian of the Dream