Gender Male
Occupation Errand runner
Location New Yogo
Novel Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayumi Asano
English Yuri Lowenthal

Toya is an orphan boy who works as an errand runner and a friend of Balsa.


Toya and Saya were once saved by Balsa, and that is how they became acquainted. An eager and resourceful boy, Toya claims that he would go "through fire and water for Balsa," whom he regards as an elder sister. Though he able to discern when a person appears suspicious, Toya is often unaware of how overt his own activities are, despite his attempts to be discreet. Both he and Saya are also friends of Tanda and Madame Torogai.

Toya resides in a hut by a river with Saya, where Balsa and Chagum go in order to hide and prepare to leave the city. At Balsa's request, he gathers all the supplies she needs, though he is not discreet enough to avoid the attention of the Hunters. After becoming acquainted with Chagum, Toya also willingly accepts Balsa's request for him to teach Chagum how to live like an ordinary boy. At Balsa's instruction, Toya and Saya leave the city and live in a Yaku village where Tanda's relatives reside.

Toya works as an errand runner, often obtaining and delivering goods at the request of paying customers. After he and Saya leave the Yaku village, Toya sets up a shop for his errand running business with the money given to him by Balsa, with Saya working as Toya's assistant. The shop allows Toya to receive potential clients, as well as store goods between deliveries.